Battery Backup

Battery Backup System

Power outages are always inconvenient and many homeowners are now considering home batteries as a solution.

How it works – By adding a backup system, you can continue to use your solar power during grid failures but only for a short period of time. The surplus energy you produce during the day is stored in your battery. At night, as your production decreases or during an outage, you draw from the electricity that you have stored. You can also program your battery to run during peak hours, to “maximize” your savings. Seems great?

However, the actuality is that the money you save on slightly lower electricity rates by programming your battery to run during peak hours isn’t significant enough to return your investment if you are on PG&E’s current solar rate plan (E-TOU).

For now, NEM 2.0 acts as an ideal battery for solar homeowners and if your main concern is having power during an outage, we recommend investing in a ultra-quiet generator. Emergencies require generators, not batteries, that “depending on the weather” may help you. Not to mention, they cost less and last a lifetime!

Bottom line is solar energy saves you money, energy storage just adds security, unless you own an electric vehicle and can maximize the full potential of your home battery.

Green Stock Solar is a certified installer of  LG Chem RESU 10H home battery back-up systems, but only recommend them for homeowners on PG&E’s EV rate plan.

 If you have any questions about solar, batteries or generators, please don’t hesitate to reach out!