Why purchase electricity from PG&E at five times the cost?

In California, homeowners are paying five times the amount when they purchase energy from the utility!

Purchasing offsite electricity is extremely expensive; PG&E charges you 21 to 43 cents per kWh! That’s three to seven times more expensive than producing your own energy with solar power. With onsite solar energy production it only costs homeowners 6 to 8 cents per kWh. Overtime, that’s a lot of savings!!


So why does non-renewable energy cost five times more?

When electricity is generated offsite, there are additional costs that get tacked onto your bill.

You are receiving an energy mix of oil, biomass, geothermal, and natural gas that are costly to generate and contribute to much higher emissions, especially when drawn from dirty power plants.

Moreover, the greatest difference in price is due to the distribution process of electricity: Generation —> transmission –> distribution.


Then why haven’t more people gone solar?

To be frank, it’s because leasing companies with highly commissioned salesmen have tarnished the industry so now solar companies have a bad reputation.

Furthermore, many homeowners still believe going solar is too expensive because there are several companies that overcharge. There is still a lot of misconception about the true value of solar energy.


Now how do I maximize my return on investment?

PURCHASE solar from your local solar company. Own your power to maximize your return.

For most homeowners the payback period ranges from 4 to 7 years, and your return on investment is 15-25%, where else can you get that kind of return?

For a homeowner with a $200 bill, the opportunity cost of not going solar over a 20 year period is over $160,000!

The graph below is based on a monthly bill of $200

Initially you invest ~$23,000, to eliminate your $200/ month bill. After 6 years, your investment has been returned and your purchase becomes profit.

Solar is one of the few no risk investments with an extremely high return. If your home / site and situation allows for solar, find out the numbers, they might surprise you.


Green Stock Solar is your local solar company, our overhead is low and we don’t have any highly commissioned salesmen whose cost gets passed on to you, so we can provide our clients with high quality systems for a low price!

Reach out today to find out how much you can save by going solar! 

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