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The Installation Process

Customer Inquiry: When you initially contact us, we will have you gather some information about your site and your energy usage to help us determine your needs and your site viability.
Determine roof area available for photovoltaic panels, select location for photovoltaic panels, solar inverter, and production meter.

System Design: We will design a solar system that will give you the maximum potential for your site in order for you to gain the most energy production available.  We will also determine what incentives you are eligible for.

Approval Meeting: We will sit down with you and go over the details of the design. We discuss the advantages, disadvantages, options, and the cost and savings of installing your system. If you decide to go ahead with the project, together we’ll review installation timing and schedule the date of installation.

Building and Electrical Permits:  We apply for the roofing and electrical permits. At that time, we will require a down payment for the materials.

Apply for Rebates:  We will apply for the rebates that you are eligible for.

Installation:  We will have a professional crew install roofing mounts and safety anchors.  We will then install the racking system, the modules, and the inverter on scheduled week.

Inspections:  After your system is installed there will be a series of inspections; Electrical, Utility, and Building.  We will schedule these inspections and be present for them to answer any questions.

Enjoy decades of environmentally friendly and maintenance-free electricity!



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