Earth Day and Upcoming Events with your Local Solar System Designer!

Earth Day and Upcoming Events with your Local Solar System Designer!

Earth Day Napa was quite the celebration this year! It was exciting to see one of our favorite local events get so much support from the community. This was Green Stock Solar’s third year participating in the environmental movement at Earth Day Napa! Our team is always happy to be involved and support sustainable living by sharing new, important information with potential clients and neighbors. It was great to have David Peterson, owner and lead system designer of Green Stock Solar come out with his family to deliver inspiring information about how we are different to local home owners and business owners.

Green Stock Solar educating friends and family about the benefits of going solar!

Earth Day marks the commencement of the environmental movement that started in the 1970s. Last weekend, we all came together to support and promote the nouveau sustainable lifestyle on Earth Day! Such a significant event, in place to educate our community members on environmental stewardship, water conservation, resource preservation, energy efficiency, healthy soils, wildlife habitat, responsible pest management, as well as many other causes. The celebration is also about maintaining good relationships with employees, neighbors, businesses and communities. Green Stock Solar is very thankful to be a part of all this, and that we had the opportunity to come out to Napa Valley College Earth Day this year to educate students about renewable energy and investing in our plant!

Our neighbors teaching yoga and educating kids about local plants and flowers !

If you missed us at this year’s Earth Day celebrations, please come by your local solar company’s booth at the Napa Home and Garden Show this weekend, 4/28 – 4/30, at the Napa Valley Fairgrounds. Green Stock Solar will have a system designer there as well, so he can answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Thank you for your continuous support. Our planet and children appreciate you!

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