Green Stock Solar, A Renewable Energy Company, Offers Advice on Reducing Energy Consumption This Summer

Green Stock Solar, one of the leading renewable energy companies in California, is urging consumers to reduce their energy consumption this summer.

Napa, CA – July 21, 2017 – Green Stock Solar is advising consumers to conserve electricity this summer to help stabilize the grid and save money. High temperatures, combined with high demand, can easily overload the grid causing widespread power outages and an increase in rates. Thankfully, there are things consumers can do to help. Green Stock Solar offers the following tips to help consumers beat the heat this summer while conserving electricity.

#1 )  Invest in solar power – Solar energy can power your home and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without the high monthly bills and without taxing the overloaded power grid.

#2)  Be aware of high TOU (Time-of-Use) – Electricity is most expensive during the peak usage hours, up to 25% more than off-peak hours. Peak hours are between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Save by shifting daily usage to low demand times. To avoid the extra expense, consumers should avoid running major appliances during these hours, such as dishwashers, washers, and dryers.

#3 )  Set the thermostat to 74°F – Even a change of just two degrees can make a big difference in overall usage without compromising the comfort of your family and friends.

#4 )  Turn off lights and electronics – Electricity generates heat and leaving lights and other electronics on can make your AC work harder than it should to cool your home. Turning off or unplugging unused electronics will reduce the heat generated and help keep your house cooler.

Renewable energy companies, such as Green Stock Solar, are dedicated to helping Californians reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by providing efficient and cost-effective alternatives. Consumers who are interested in transitioning to solar power in the Napa Valley and Bay Area are encouraged to contact Green Stock Solar directly for a free no obligation home analysis and price quote.

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