Solar System Installation Experts Green Stock Solar Highlight Solar Myths

Napa, CA-based solar system installation company, Green Stock Solar have recently been highlighting myths that permeate the solar industry. The company’s deep understanding of the solar marketplace can help clients uncover the myths that might prevent them from getting the full value for their money from their solar equipment.

Myth #1:  No Money Down

Truth:    This means you will be paying more later on. You do not own your own system and you do not own your power. You will be paying for the system and electricity every month at increasing rates.

Myth #2: Solar is too expensive

Truth:   There are several financing options and many ways in which companies can make the process affordable for property owners. In addition, various banks and credit unions have renewable energy loans with very low interest.

Myth #3: My house is not ideal for solar

Truth: Having a north-facing roof is fine. Homeowners can also have a solar roof system installed even if their roof is shaded for the majority of the time. Additionally, there are several mounting alternatives.

Myth #4: My HOA will not allow me to put in solar

Truth: Actually, it is illegal for them to tell you no.

Myth #5:  I won’t be living in my house long enough for it to pay off

Truth: The value of your home increases by more than the cost of the system after installation. Plus, solar homes sell faster.

Myth #6: I should wait

Truth:   Now is a great time to invest in solar, the tech is advanced and well established, and pricing is currently at an all-time low. Furthermore, the money you saved from going solar now will more than offset any potential savings from lower prices later on. Also, in roughly 2 years the 30% Federal Tax Credit Return will be over.

The Green Stock Solar team has years of experience in the solar system installation marketplace, and their team is available to answer questions and help homeowners capitalize on the many advantages solar energy can bring to their home.

To discuss a new solar installation project with the team at Green Stock Solar, contact their team now at 707-260-5548 or visit their business website at

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